Terry Williams

Publisher & Executive Director
P.O. Box 371595, Decatur, GA  30037

20th Annual

William Stery Company

Whatever your plans...
develop an education plan that works.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Black Parents Forum is to help families learn more about creating an education plan that considers private school admissions and education. It includes empowering families, students and candidates with information on how to apply and succeed in these environments. It is for every family interested in exploring options in private school education, pre-k through 12th grade and beyond.  

In addition to publishing media WSC sponsors national programs:
Black Parents Forum & Admission Fairs - An Annual Forum & Student Recruit Fair
​​BPF Webinars - Online Information Sessions 
COMPASS Newsletters - A Frequent Newsletter
Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs - An Annual Teacher Recruitment Fair
Young Horizons Online - A Frequent Blog
William Stery Publishing - A Media Publishing Company

is Executive Director at Black Parents Forum and Teacher of Color Recruitment.  She is also Publisher of the William Company (WSC) which includes books and additional media relating to parenting.  Started in 1986, the company focus is parents and family issues. Young Horizons Indigo, a news source for African American families started with the web site - Currently WSC publishes online and produces the Black Parents Forum and Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs. Both focus on parents and teachers interested in independent schools, Pk12.


Terry Williams

BPF Executive Director

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