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Our Mission:
The mission of the Black Parents Forum is to help families learn more about private school admissions and education. It includes empowering families, students and candidates with information on how to apply and succeed in these environments. It is for every family interested in exploring options in private school education, pre-k through 12th grade and beyond.  

Young Horizons Indigo,the news source for parents and teachers interested in private school education, now sponsors two major forums/fairs per year:

Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs 
Free workshops and recruitment fairs for candidates interested in learning more about the benefits of teaching at private schools (ww.teacherofcolor.info). Candidate's resumes are circulated to registered schools at no charge to candidates.  TOC is an outgrowth of the Black Parents Forums & Fairs as a means of exposing teaching candidates to the possibility of teaching at private (independent) schools, while encouraging schools to consider more teachers of color.  Since its start in 2007 services have grown to include information sharing, educational resources sharing, educational consulting, teacher recruitment, forums and more.  In 2016 the TOC celebrates its 9th year serving schools and teaching candidates.

Black Parents Forum & Admissions Fairs (BPF)
One-day free workshops and recruitment fairs relating to private school admissions and hiring (www.blackparentsforum.info). The Black Parents Forum Student Recruitment Fairs been held in: Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham.  The Black Parents Forums & Fairs began as a recruitment fair for private (independent) schools.  Since its start in 1998 services have grown to include information sharing, educational resources sharing, educational consulting, student and teacher recruitment, forums and more.  In 2016 the BPF celebrates its 18th year serving thousands of families in the South.

In addition to publishing media WSC sponsors national programs:

  • Black Parents Forum & Admission Fairs                        - An Annual Forum & Student Recruit Fair
  • ​​BPF Webinars                                                            - Online Information Sessions 
  • COMPASS Newsletters                                                  - A Frequent Newsletter
  • Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs                               - An Annual Teacher Recruitment Fair
  • Young Horizons Online                                                  - A Frequent Blog
  • William Stery Publishing                                               - A Media Publishing Company

 19th Annual 

BPF Platforms

Black Parents Forum & Admission Fairs

Currently WSC and BPF sponsor the  following platforms for families.





Information Sharing for Parents and Teachers

Interested in Private School Education

​Since 1998

Young Horizons Online (YHO)

Established in 1985 as a print newspaper for parents, Young Horizons Indigo, has developed into an online news source focused on helping families claim ownership of their education goals and authority in their communities to explore all school options.

Launched in 1985 with the Black Calendar, a social guide and calendar covering 20 major American cities, book publishing was born.  Today the WSC has published books for parents, including Navigating Private School Admissions.

                         TERRY WILLIAMS
is Executive Director at Black Parents Forum and Teacher of Color Recruitment.  She is also Publisher of the William Company (WSC) which includes books and additional media relating to parenting.  The flagship publication for WSC is Young Horizons Indigo, a blog news source for parents and teachers.  Started in 1986, the company focus is parents and family issues. Young Horizons Indigo, a news source for African American families started with the web site - www.younghorizonsonline.com. Currently WSC publishes online and produces the Black Parents Forum and Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs.  Both focus on parents and teachers interested in independent schools, pk-12.
Terry Williams, Publisher & Executive Director
P.O. Box 371595, Decatur, GA  30037
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